Monday, September 15, 2014

Life is Great

Well, this week was pretty exciting because it was week #11 of Elder Bandi's training! Maybe that doesn't sound very special to you all, but it's special to ME because for week 11 and 12 of the 12 week training, the new missionary... leads in everything. Which means I get to kick back and relax and watch him do all the work! Pretty sweet!

Well, I shouldn't say I make him do EVERYTHING, I still support him and help him.... probably way too much actually! I remember my trainer made me literally do everything... he would barely even talk during any appointments we had! But, I feel bad making my little baby suffer too much, so I still help him. I like to give him the allusion that he is doing everything though... haha it makes him so scared! But, it's helping him to learn a lot, so I guess that means I'm doing a pretty good job training him right?

Ya, our investigator pool is pretty slim right now... we actually had a special zone fast this week ask God to help us find more investigators (because ALL of Hyderabad zone is struggling). Hopefully we'll see some rockin' miracles with finding new investigators this week! :)

I think I mentioned a less active to you a few weeks ago named Solomon. He is really a good guy, and has a strong testimony of the gospel. He has just been offended by our Bishop... blah. Well, as we visited him this week, he showed us all of the Gospel books he has in his house. As he showed them to me, I realized that all of them are "deep doctrine" books. It made me think that he has made the mistake of trying to learn deep doctrine (a sandy foundation), instead of immersing himself in the simply and glorious basic truths of the Gospel. Just a good lesson for me to learn. Stay away from things you can't understand. Stick to the basic. That will keep you strong. 

Oh, just something fun, this week we had an investigator give us lunch! It was kind of strange, because he acts extremely homosexual... Not something that happens to you every day, having a man that lives alone who seems very very gay feed you a giant Indian feast! Pretty fun! 

Also, we continue to work with our recent converts each week. It's good thing we visit them... because even though they have been baptized, their testimonies still definitely aren't perfect! I'm happy I can be a tool in God's hands to help keep some of these people from going less active, and staying strong in the Gospel. 

Life is going great for me! Everything is awesome. :)
With a Ganesha idol and an Indian boy

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