Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back to Bangalore!

September 23, 2014

Well, this week I'm emailing you a day late NOT because we had a lock down due to some crazy festival, but because today is TRANSFERS DAY! Exciting!
Elder Bandi has just completed his training, so, as usual in our mission, it's time for the trainer to get transferred. So, on Thursday evening I wasn't too surprised to get a call saying that I'm being transferred, but what DID surprise me is where I'm being transferred to! I am going back to Bangalore! Woo woo! But no, I won't be serving in Convent Road again, nor will I be serving in Indiranagar again. This time I am serving in the White Field branch! And, what makes this even more exciting, is the fact that Elder Anderson is becoming one of the new Assistants to the President!
I'm humbled to have the opportunity to serve in such a position. I anticipate that I will work very hard, have a lot of fun, and learn a lot. My companion will be Elder George (Indian), and he has already been an Assistant for a couple of months. He will go home next transfer though, so then I guess at maximum we will be companions for just a small 6 weeks! Also very exciting is Elder Bandi's new companion. The assistant that is leaving, Elder Larson, will come be Elder Bandi's new companion! He should feel very lucky; I know Elder Larson is a stellar missionary.
It was pretty memorable the night we got our transfer calls... We had gotten the calls like at 7 o'clock, and Elder Bandi was totally fine for the rest of the evening, but then after we finished planning he started to tear up a little bit... and then he just started bawling. Weeping and wailing. I wasn't really sure what to do, or even what he was crying about, so I just waited for a few minutes. Eventually, he began to compose himself, and he told me "There are 2 people that have given me life. One is my Elder (the one that taught and baptized him), and the second is... you." Then he started crying again.
After about 10 minutes, our neighbors actually came over and rang the door bell. They asked us if everything was alright. They had heard the intense crying, and thought that we were having a major health problem, like a heart attack or something! I told them no no, just we found out I was leaving for Bangalore in a couple of days, and my companion was really going to miss me.
I don't like to see my companion sad, but it does make you feel pretty loved when you see someone weep at the fact they aren't going to see you anymore.
I hope he's okay as he sees me get into the taxi and leave in a couple of hours...
Well, on a different note, I'll finish with one funny story! My life is always so humorous...
So, remember I told you about Divya? That awkward investigator that is a middle aged woman but seems to flirt with me? Well... here is another awk story about her. So last night we had one final lesson/goodbye with her before I leave, and after the lesson she tells us she has gifts for both of us! Really?? Well... cool!
So she hands us each a small bag, and leaves. Elder Bandi opens his bag and there is a blue tie in it. Nice. I open my bag and I have the exact same blue tie, BUT with an additional gift as well... a brand new cell phone AND a pre-paid SIM card! What in the world?? This woman wants to stay in contact with me after I leave for Bangalore!!  
Well, as it turned out, we had a member on exchange with us named Jude. Jude told us that he didn't own a phone! He said he always had to borrow his mom's phone, so he asked if he could have this phone Divya gave (he knows missionaries aren't allowed to have personal phones). The phone probably cost about $20-$30, so it's not too bad, but I knew I can't use it on my mission, and I wouldn't use it when I got back home, so I told him sure, he could have it. He just has to remember to help the missionaries every time he uses it! 
Well, that all seemed fine and dandy until Divya called us this morning and asked why I hadn't turned on the phone yet... uhhhhhhhh.............. Well you see...... Uhhh.. 
What am I supposed to tell her?! Probably the truth, huh? But... I'll leave Elder Bandi to figure this little mess out!  I'm off to Bangalore! :)

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