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Well, this week for me has been craaaazy. I got transferred right into the middle of absolute mayhem! Trainers flying into Bangalore for training, then new missionaries needing brought from the airport, then getting the trainers AND their trainees all out to their respective areas, scheduling flight tickets for the Zone leaders coming into Bangalore for mission leader conference tomorrow, helping to prepare training for the MLC, collecting all the numbers of the mission, doing follow up calls late into the night, and all while we have 10 bajillion people staying at our apartment while they are in Bangalore! Sleep has been... a little less this week. :P PLUS, all the regular stuff with transfers (getting used to a new companion, new apartment, unpacking, learning a new area, learning all the members, etc.) For the first few days I was near delirious with exhaustion, but now the craziness has died down quite a bit. I think I'm starting to get into the swing of things. :)

I now live with rich people. Very, very rich people. This is our apartment complex, Brigade Metropolis. Our rent costs 2-3 times the average income of an Indian family. Whoa

I've also had the thought a couple of times, "Am I really a good enough missionary to be an Assistant..?" Thus far on my mission, I've always kind of seen the Assistant as near perfect missionaries, and I'm sure many other missionaries have the same thoughts. Can I live up to that high standard?? My end conclusion was that no, I'm probably not a good enough missionary. Yet. But, because the bar has been raised for me, I've already felt myself stretch as I try to reach that new standard. I'm more patient with my companion. More caring for those that live in my apartment. More diligent in my duties. More focused during teaching appointments. More aware of the other missionaries in our mission. Hopefully the stretching continues; I'm anxious to improve! 

On the flip side though, I did get to read something that boosted my self-esteem! My first night in Bangalore I was given a 15 page packet titled "Responsibilities of Assistants", to help get me up to speed on what I'm supposed to be doing. Throughout the packet, there were quite a few compliments thrown in for me (well, for all Assistants, the ones that read this packet). This packet was written by President Berrett, and many times in the packet it talked about how I have been called to this position because I am one that can be trusted. I don't know about for others, but that's one of the highest compliments I feel that someone can give me. That I am someone that they can trust. Also, I enjoyed reading "Ironically, you are probably one of the best teachers in the mission, but you will spend most of your time in the office." I'm glad to know I can be trusted, and I'm not too shabby of a teacher either! :-) 

Here's a random thought... in Bangalore, and in Hyderabad as well, I meet quite a few Africans. And I must say, I LOVE the African people! They are so chill. They are so calm, and very smart. They are not at all the stereotype that American give them. On my mission, I've definitely gained 10,000% more respect for Africans, and Muslims.

This week, I also learned a tid bit of information - when I am going home! I believe it was June 2nd. At first when I heard this, I was just a little disappointed to hear this, because that's three extra weeks after my 2 year mark (May 15). "Alright alright... I guess I'll serve a little bit longer. It's not that big of a deal." But then that same day we had a farewell devotional for 6 missionaries that completed their missions. During that devotional I realized... I don't want to go home! Sure, give me 3 more weeks! Give me as much extra time as you want! I love being on a mission! It really is the good life. Every week is a treasure. 

Here is one last story from my days in Hyderabad. Before I left, we went and visited the Murthy family. They seem to have really strong testimonies, buuuuut... they aren't coming to church. Blah. :P Well, when we got there, the mom was eating her dinner. Of course, they offered us dinner as well (all Indians are so generous, a trait I'm really trying to acquire). We accepted, and were grateful for the nice dinner they gave us. It wasn't too big, but it tasted very nice. By the end of the evening though, I learned that the husband had just lost his job this last week, and both he and his wife are searching for work. Also, they hadn't initially intended to give us dinner. In fact, they gave us the food they WERE going to give to their 2 children... As were leaving, I expressed my sincere gratitude to Brother Murthy for their kindness. He said it was his pleasure to feed God's servants. He said that he saw this as an opportunity to have a modern Elijah experience. He knew God would take care of them, if they took care of God's people. Wow. Remarkable faith. I was touched by their total trust in God.

These are my little girlfriends that lived downstairs in my Hyderabad apartment! Their dad is the watchman for the building. I love their family! They are all so nice.

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