Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

August 18

Well, my birthday this year was a rather unique one, because I spent the whole day at a church open house! Not your average birthday, huh? Sooo many people did a ton of work to make this open house possible, and it was a lot of fun to be there! For the missionary room, we gave a brief overview of the Plan of Salvation. You know, just like one of those simple diagrams with a 2 minute explanation of it. It was interesting how the different groups responded. Some people were just like "okay. nice. Thanks for sharing." and then other groups would be like "whoa whoa whoa whoa! Where does it say this in the bible?!" haha cool your jets Mr. Kumar, we can explain more later if you are actually interested! ^_^

Really, the open house was VERY well done! The only bad thing was... not that many people came. Well, a lot of church members came to help with it, but not many NON-members came... I think for the 2 days we had the open house, like 200 people came. Not too bad really, but we were all expecting a lot more. But, it's all worth it if it helped bring even one person closer to Christ, right? 

Also, it was pretty exciting that we had the state Deputy Chief Minister of the state government come! Our stake president has connections! Haha I thought it was pretty funny though how everyone practically worshiped the man though... I agree, it is exciting that he came, and we should give him respect, but he's not a god! I don't know, but I sure thought it was funny to watch.

Also, thanks a bundle for the birthday presents!! I don't know, maybe you don't feel like you sent anything that cool, but I sure enjoyed getting everything! Especially the tie looks awesome, and I LOVE the dark chocolate blueberries!!! Elder Bandi has also taken quite a liking to the peanut M&M's... :-)

In India, it's a tradition that you give OTHERS gifts on your birthday. I didn't give gifts to anyone, except for one family. I live in an apartment filled with super duper rich people. Everyone, but the family that lives in the ground floor. They are the security watch for the apartment, and they have one room to live in for the mom, dad, and two cute little daughters. They don't speak much English, but I always say hi to them and the little girls always show me the school projects they are working on. So, I decided to buy them a little box of Indian sweets. It only cost me a buck fifty, but I could tell they really appreciated it. It made me happy to bring them some joy. :)

This week Elder Pydimalla finished his mission!! If you remember, he was my companion a few months ago. And now I'm serving in his home ward, so I got to be here when he was released and for his homecoming talk!! Pretty crazy! One thing, I was really really happy to see him. He is a great guy. But a bad thing is it made me pretty trunky feeling for a day or two... it's weird seeing one of your old companions walking around in jeans and a t-shirt, hugging his family, and doing all the regular things of life again! But, don't worry, I'm focused on the work again!

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