Sunday, September 14, 2014

Awkward Moments

September 8

Today is the last day of the Ganesh festival! It's also a semi-lock down. We were still allowed to go outside and email (as you can see), and buy some food, but we need to stay in casual clothes, and then come home as soon as we are finished. Tonight it's supposed to get craaaaazy! Can't wait! :D

So, I have another quality story about Elder B from this week! It was during our companionship study, and we were studying eternal marriage. And as we were studying marriage, one thing led to another, and next thing I know I'm giving him "The Talk". Don't ask me why, but for some reason no one has ever explained these things to him! So, I decided it was worth spending some time on, and we spent 2 and a half hours discussing the birds and the bees... hahaha pretty fun, huh? Don't worry, I was totally mature and scientific about it. But really, I'm glad he finally knows about some of these things now! It would be kind of awkward if after his mission he got married and didn't know how to make a baby... I applaud myself as a wonderful trainer! ;P

Just a random thing I thought about this week... so, many missionaries from America get tired of everyone always looking at them as they walk around. However, I LOVE it! I love smiling and waving back to everyone as they stare at me like a zoo animal. This week I was just thinking about why I have a different reaction than most American elders, and I came to the conclusion that it's because of my lovely mother. Mom, you've set a great example for me! Whereas most people feel awkward and embarrassed if they are seen in a wheelchair, I always have seen you making eye contact with people, smiling and waving at them. Thanks for showing me how to be friendly, and not awkward. :-) I love the Wheelchair Lady! 

Three little awkward stories for you all. In progression from least awkward to most awkward.

1) One night we met a new investigator at a bus stop, and he walked us to his home. Well, as were were walking we quickly came to know that Vincent is not a talker. Haha you know, a really nice guy and all, but we just couldn't get the guy to say a thing besides one word answers! Fun stuff... it was only like a 5 minute walk to his house, but it took all of my social skills to keep at least some form of a conversation going! Good times.   

2) On a different evening, we were visiting an active woman in our ward named Gloria. She's a return missionary, and a cute peppy little woman, who unfortunately got divorced due to (well, from her side at least) her husband being a junk fellow. Knowing her, it probably was mostly the husband's fault. Anyways! So, one night as we were visiting her we saw her house was a little messy. Not her fault at all, I'm sure it's pretty difficult being a single mom, providing for a family and trying to manage 2 small kids as well. So, being the great missionary I am, I decided to try and help her clean her house. Well, I saw she had a pile of clothes that needed to be folded, so I went over and started to fold the clothes. Well, what do you know, but it turns out she had some women's underclothing in the pile... not too surprising in retrospect, really. She quickly snatched them away from me, and then I decided it was maybe for the best to not try and help her clean her house... I had good intent though! 

3) So, we have an investigator named D****. She is a really great woman, and readily agreed to be baptized on October 5th! Huzzaw! Well, that's all good and all, but the problem is... she is slightly flirtatious with us. Which, wouldn't really be all that awkward, except for the fact that she is... hmmm.. maybe about 35 or 40? Uhhhh.... creepy! :P Nothing TOO serious, but just creepy little things, like holding your hand a little bit after you gave a simple handshake, or asking us to come get lunch with her, or getting a little too close into your personal bubble when you are talking to her. Maaaaaybe it's all in my head, but... probably not. 

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