Monday, July 21, 2014

Lungi Dance

Most exciting thing of this week! Yesterday and today there is a huge Hindu festival going on in Hyderabad! It's just a local festival, but it is still AWESOME! As we tried to get back to our apartment last night, we had to navigate our way through a big part of the festival. It was by far the best dance/rave I've ever gotten to pass through; definitely smokes any stake/school dance I ever went to! Just tons and tons of Indians swarming everywhere, with music blasting loud enough that people for miles around can probably hear it! (one of my favorite Indian songs they like to blast is called Lungi Dance (from the movie Chennai Express, I believe), if you want to hear some modern Indian music! And the best part is seeing all of the Hindu god idols. These things are like 20 feet tall demons! They have fog machines going around each idol, and of course big flashing lights everywhere. I might have been a little scared going though such a place, but fortunately they had police everywhere to make sure things didn't get too crazy... :)

The other big highlight of the week is our investigator Lavanya! I think I mentioned last week that we got her as a referral from one of our members, and she is so great to work with! She is one of those people that actually have good LEGITIMATE questions! Many people have dumb questions ("Where does it mention Joseph Smith in the bible?? I can only believe he is a prophet if the bible says so." Dumb.) But she actually has a lot of great concerns, which I love working with! She claims she hasn't felt God's love in her life, she doesn't know if God exists, she wants to know what happens after she dies, and many other wonderful things that I love to talk to people about! Most importantly though, I'm very grateful we have a great investigator that Elder Bandi gets to work with. Mission work is fairly demanding at times, but getting to work with a great investigator makes it all worth it. :-)

You asked if I had any leadership positions, and I would say YES, more so now than ever before. Being a trainer has waaaaaaaaay more responsibilities that a district leader or a zone leader (those are a piece of cake!) Teaching a little baby how to walk though takes a lot of work. But no, I don't have any other positions on top of being a trainer. 

Just a funny story about my companion... So, he has limited English vocabulary, and even less Gospel vocabulary, so when he was getting interviewed to become a missionary, he didn't understand what all of the questions meant! But instead of asking "what does that mean??" he would say yes to every question, until he got to certain points when he would say yes and then President Berrett would say "Really?? =0" and then he would say "wait! No no no! I meant to say no." "oh... okay. that's all fine then." hahaha of Elder Bandi... I think he would have passed anyways though, even if he HAD understood all of the questions! ^_^

Also another fun little tid bit about my companion... he LOVES me! haha not to be prideful or anything, because from what he tells me it sounds like he would love his trainer no matter who his trainer was (he was just very excited to get a trainer to teach him everything!).  

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