Monday, July 21, 2014

Law of Moses

From June 16, 2014

So, here are a whole bunch of random things.

Remember on my Mother's day call I told you guys that I had heard the Philippines had very disobedient missionaries? Well, I learned that our mission USED to have a ton-oh disobedience.  Since then, President Sperry has worked very very hard to create an exactly obedient mission. I applaud him for his work, because the mission is quite obedient now, but it has definitely come at a price. Now this mission is... without a doubt living the law of Moses. Example: in this mission, you can sleep in on p-day if you want, but only if you get up at 6:30 and say your prayer. THEN you can go back to sleep. Because the handbook says Arise at 6:30, so you need to be obedient to that! Or, another example, the other day we were with a 17 year old investigator named Ryel, and this guy is a total computer junkie. He had his laptop right by him, so I had the thought "let's introduce him to Mormon Messages! He is always on the computer, so then he can be on the computer AND feel the spirit!" So, I got him to Google Mormon Messages, and was about to watch one with him, but my companion stopped me and said we're not allowed to. We're not allowed to watch Mormon Messages?? Apparently we are only allowed to watch them on Mondays, so we weren't allowed to watch one with Ryel right then... because THAT would be disobedient!  

I'm grateful that President Berrett (in India) emphasizes principles, because having 10 bajillion random law of Moses rules kind of frustrates me... Plus, I feel like I have gained a lot more life wisdom that I will use after my mission thanks to my strengthened ability to understand/live principles. 

On a complete different note, the girls here in the Philippines wear short shorts about 90% of the time. However, that does not mean they shave their legs 90% of the time... haha oh man, I have seen some hairy legged girls the last couple of weeks! I think one girl at church hasn't shaved her legs for like 3 weeks... tasty, huh? ;)

On a mission, you have communication errors with your companion a lot. YSA boys are bad at communicating in general, and when you need to communicate/coordinate with another YSA guy 24/7.. there are bound to be some misunderstandings. ESPECIALLY when you and your companion don't speak the same language! Haha my comp speaks English to me, but English isn't his strong suit, and for the first week or two he would sometimes throw Tagalog words into his sentences, not realizing they aren't English words... haha but now he speak at least English words all the time! But, I only think that if I can learn to effectively communicate with someone that doesn't speak much English, than communicating with a wife that speaks perfect English should be a cinch, right?

One of my favorite investigators we've been working with is a young woman named Crizal. She is almost exactly like Katy Coons! It's exciting to work with her, because with each lesson she doesn't make leaps and bounds, but slowly, steadily, and consistently she is improving. At first, she wouldn't even join her family for the lessons. Then we helped her to come sit in the same room. Then later she started reading some of the Book of Mormon. Then later she was willing to say the closing prayer. And now she says she will come to church this Sunday! Woo woo! I'm excited to see the life changes she is making. :)

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