Monday, April 7, 2014

Serious or Joking?

So, I've had it pointed out to me that I don't change my voice when I am being sarcastic vs. when I am being serious. And after paying attention to that, I've realized that's true. I'm not monotone, but I don't have a clear "joking voice". And, the more I've paid attention to that fact, I've realized that I secretly joke with people without them knowing... haha not in like some horrible way, but I'll say things that are inside jokes with myself, but the person thinks I'm being serious. Example, sometimes I'll tell people that I'll pray for them. "Oh yes brother, I'll definitely pray for you!" It sounds like a serious thing, but I say it jokingly because EVERYONE in this country asks us to pray for them! Why are our prayers better than their own prayers? I don't know. It's probably my most broken promise, telling people I'll pray for them in their exams... Well, that was all very random. Maybe I should work on breaking that habit of secretly joking with people when they don't realize it, but I always seem to crack myself up while doing so! I guess I'm just a sinner. 

Oh, and here's a little funny/awkward story from the week! So, on Saturday afternoon we started our fast. But, that afternoon as we were visiting a member named Albert, I noticed that one of the sisters in the house had gone outside and bought a drink for all of us. There are two rooms in this person's house. The living room, and the kitchen/bedroom. We were in the living room with Albert, and I saw that Mercy (the sister with the drink) had gone into the kitchen/bedroom to pour all of us the delicious Mango drink. So, TRYING to be a good missionary I stood up and went into the kitchen/bedroom to tell her not to give us any drinks because we were fasting. Well, what are the odds, but as I walked in their it just so happened to be the exact time that Mercy's sister Gracie was changing her pants.... As soon as she saw that I had popped my heard around the corner she pulled down her shirt and yelled "Elder!!" Haha oh man, I quickly got back into the living room.... Then she came and sat in the lesson with us. Haha hopefully she wasn't too embarrassed... Don't worry, I didn't see anything! But it was pretty awk....  

Well, I have bad news about Shashi... James, her husband, has been increasingly beating her more and more. His increase in physical abuse has come from the fact that he doesn't like the fact that Shashi wants to join a different church from the one he goes to. This week Shashi asked us to stop coming over for a while, because she can't even sleep at night, James beats her so much... And on this Sunday, she was baptized into James' church. Sigh.... if not in this life, I know for sure Shashi will be baptized in the next life. The woman secretly reads the Book of Mormon when James isn't looking so that she can read the word of God without being attacked! She is awesome. One of the strongest women I know. But, I guess now isn't the time for her to join Jesus Christ's church. 

On my mission, I've gotten to meet a lot of different families. One thing that I think is interesting is the fact that I see tons and tons of GREAT mom's and dad's. I also see tons of junk mom's and dad's... But, I have NEVER seen any case in which the husband was great, and the wife was junk, only case after case of junk husbands with amazing wives. Why is it that men can't pull their weight?!? Gee wiz... being on my mission has definitely motivated me even more to be the best father/husband I can possible be someday. 

Elder Peck left today. Now it is just me and Elder Pydimalla. Elder Peck was probably my most favorite companion thus far, but it looks like me and Elder Pydimalla have many more great times ahead of us! 

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