Monday, March 31, 2014

Jumping Rope

It's starting to get pretty hot here in India. I'm glad to be in Bangalore though, which is the coolest city in our mission. One day this week I was passing by some of my little school girl friends that were out skipping rope, and I asked them if I could give it a shot. Of course they GLADLY gave me a turn, because really, who wouldn't want to see a foreigner jump rope? In an attempt to impress them I did 100 jumps, which yes, did impress them quite a bit. But, I learned my lesson. Doing 100 jumps while it's 100 degrees outside WHILE you are wearing a shirt in tie is not the best idea in the world... I was dying afterwards! :P Good times in the India Bangalore mission! 

I really like the way people refer to me here in India! All the little kids will call me Uncle, and adults will usually call me Boss. Haha it makes me fell really grown up and cool having people think I'm someone of high standing. I also enjoy having people that aren't members of the church call me Elder. Even though they don't believe what we believe, they will still show respect to us. India is a great place to serve. :)

This week we also had another elder join our companionship, making us a trio. His name is Elder Pydimalla. He has been out for about 20 months, and is from Andhra Pradesh (India). I really like him a lot! It's funny, because from the pictures he shows me from before his mission he looks like a total tool. Haha not to be rude, but it's true! :P But the awesome thing is that I can totally see in his personality that he has kept all the good traits tools have (confidence, the ability to talk to anyone, etc.), but being on a mission has helped to burn away his impurities (cockiness, self-centered-ness, etc.) I hope being on a mission can do the same thing for me. He is a lot of fun to work with, and he is a great missionary! 

One other story from this week. So, we teaching this AWESOME family that lives next to Shashi. This week though we were teaching them about the book of mormon, and as we were inviting them to read the book of mormon, I could tell they didn't understand really how serious this invitation is. I don't know what happened to me, but I guess the Spirit told me to be bold with them! I nearly started yelling as I told them that for them to read the book of mormon is one of THE most important things they can do! It is PROOF that this is God's one true church. ALL CHURCHES ARE NOT EQUAL!!! After the lesson I felt good though, knowing that if they still didn't read, it was on their shoulders. I had done my part in inviting them. 

With the oldest member of the Church in India - Dhanna Paul

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