Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dressed in White

Well, as you may have noticed from the pictures I forwarded to you, we had a baptism this week!!!! :D Manjula, Vidya Sri, and Dinakaran. All very wonderful people. :)

It was so cute watching them get prepared for their baptismal interview. It was like watching a little 16 year old before his first date; they just wanted to make sure they had everything perfect, that they knew exactly what they should say, etc. etc. Even in the moments right before the interview Manjula asked me to review the questions with her again! Haha and you'll be happy to know, they all did great during the interviews. :)

Although, I must say that even I got a little nervous while the interviews were going on... I don't even know why! They are all awesome. I guess their anxiousness rubbed off onto me a little bit. :P 

These are the first people on my mission that I have been with from finding them to the time they are baptized. Every other baptism has come from people that elders had already taught a little bit (even if just 2 or 3 lessons - me and my companion have still been the ones to set all the baptismal dates). But, it was cool getting to see the whole process from start to finish. Well, I guess "finish" is the wrong word. Their journey has just begun! 

It really was a great day. I got to give baptism for Manjula and Dinakaran, and even I felt so clean after leaving the font. :)

P.S. Random observation of the week: Basketball isn't a very big sport here in India, but I realized that all of the S churches here still have basketball courts... I guess B-Ball is God's favorite sport? haha who knows!

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