Sunday, December 8, 2013

Convent Road Branch

Well, it's been an amazing week here in Bangalore. I'm still getting used to being in BANGALORE! This city has 20 MILLION people. I want you to think about that for a minute. The United States has 300 million people, which means on average each state has 6 million people. That means I am in a city that has the equivalent to more than THREE states' populations! And we do a lot of traveling. In just my area alone, it's not uncommon for us to travel for an hour or two by bus to get to an investigators house. Insane. I'm definitely not used to living in a big city, but I'm learning to love it! :) 

My companion, Elder Pilli, is awesome possum. He has only been a member for a year and a half, and he was a Hindu growing up. He went to church for a couple of years before getting baptized, and the reason that he didn't take baptism earlier is because he had to wait until he was 18 (his parents wouldn't sign the form to allow him to be baptized). He is a very very kind person, and very very humble as well. So far, it looks like we are gonna have a great time together. :)

I'm in the Convent Road Branch (otherwise known as Bangalore 2nd Branch). Our building is SO nice! And the members are lovely people as well. The only thing that really saddens me is the fact that we have 450 members in our branch's area, but on average we get 80 people coming to church each week... ya, there's definitely some work to do. It was really crazy that at church there were about five Americans there! For random reasons people come to Bangalore (business usually), and it's really cool to see them here at an Indian church. 

So ya, I lost my wallet this week... I really don't know where it went. I don't think I was pick pocketed, so I think it must have just fallen out of my pocket or something... But, it's okay! I had like 3,500 rupees in it, which is a lot by Indian standards, but when I calculated it out it's not all that much by American standards. I can easily earn that much money in just a day's work in America, so no sense stressing about losing my wallet for more than a day, right? 

This week I got to meet one awesome recent convert named Keerthi Sagar. He is a CHAMP!! During one lesson this week he started telling us about how he was reading in the bible where Jesus tells some of his apostles to stay awake and pray for Him as He goes to perform the Atonement, and he had the Spirit tell him that he needs to do the same. And by the same, I don't just mean he wants to pray, I mean he wants to wake up at the same time the apostles were commanded to pray (3 in the morning), and then give an hour long prayer to God. I told him that I don't think that's what those verses are meaning for us to do, but he said that that was what the Spirit told him he needed to do as he was reading those verses, and hey, who am I to tell a man not to listen to the spiritual promptings he receives? Keerthi really is an all star. He is very Gospel gung-ho, much more so than even me! :) 

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