Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rain, rain, go away . . .

I've actually been surprisingly (VERY surprisingly) healthy while I have been here in India! The standards for food and water are... more than slightly less than the standards set in the USA, but God has kept me strong and fit! :) And as for sunburns, I've only gotten burnt like 2 or 3 times. The sun here is magic! It's sunny all day, but I never put on sun screen, and I never get burned! Hooraw! 

This week has been INCREDIBLE!! We have had more rain in Kakinada this last week than I've seen on the whole rest of my mission put together! I love being in the rain, it reminds me of good ole Oly... :) But the Indians, they do NOT like rain! You know that scene in the movie Toy Story where all the toys are having their meeting, and then Andy (or is it his mom?) starts coming up the stairs so all the toys scatter into their hiding spots? Well, picture that same scene here in India, except it's Indians scatter into their hiding places when it starts to rain. I've never seen the street clear off so fast! Within 1 minute of rain starting, BOOM, the streets are totally empty. Haha it's hilarious. 

I also found it pretty humorous (and sad) that the slight drizzle Sunday morning caused our church attendance to drop by 50%... ohhhhh Indians... :P 

This week we had what might have been the final lesson with one investigator named Madon. He is by far the smartest man I've met on my mission, but for all his worldly smarts, he may be missing out on the truthfulness of the greatest piece of knowledge of all: that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's only true church. 

Madon enjoyed us coming over to his house and teaching him about what we believe, but that's all he wanted to do, simply learn about what we believe. He didn't want to change his life based on what we told him. Other people don't want to make changes in their life because it would be very difficult for them to change, but he told us "It really would be no problem for me to come to church, and keep the word of wisdom, but I'm not going to. It's nice that you believe in what you do, but I really have no intention of changing my beliefs."

When they are learned they think they are wise, and they hearken not unto the counsels of God... :(

It's interesting, because I think I've borne more sincere testimony to Madon than I have to any other person at any other time. I've prayed for him more than probably any other investigator we've had. I've put into practice every little thing I've learned about how to be an effective teacher while we are meeting him. But in the end... it's his choice. He has his agency. 

Ad despite us not being outwardly successful, I realized that I was COMPLETELY success by how Preach My Gospel defines a successful missionary in chapter 1. I felt the Spirit testifying through me. I had a sincere desire for his welfare. I did all that I could. 

Hopefully, one day, Madon will realize what he is missing out on. I hope to have a joyous reunion with him in the Celestial Kingdom some day!

Abbey, I was thinking of you this week as I cycled around town, because there are SOOOO many puppies out in the street! I don't know where they all came from (well, I guess they come from their mothers...) but all of a sudden there are puppies everywhere now! I've tried to refrain from using abbreviations as a missionary, because they are probably too casual for a servant of God to use, but "totes adorbs" is the only way you can describe all of these little guys! :) 

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