Monday, July 22, 2013


Here's a description of the pics.

This is a picture of the main road in our area, so it should give you an idea just of what the area looks like.

This is of a birthday party! People invite the missionaries to their birthday parties here! Pretty cool, huh? An Indian birthday tradition is to feed each other some cake, so that's what me and Mahesh are doing! haha :

This is a picture of what's called a Maturity Function. hahahaha okay get this, it a celebration, a MASSIVE celebration, to celebrate a girl becoming... mature. What does that mean? She is now able to have babies. Haha well, I guess that is something pretty important, so why NOT throw a party for it? :)

 This is the inside of Spencer's. Just wanted to show you that SOME things here are westernized, but then you also have some people living in huts that look like what the people on Survivor build. Wow, so crazy the gap of westernization that is here in India.

Well, that's all the pics for now! Ta ta familia! :)

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