Monday, July 8, 2013

Pasta sauce and a baptism

Hello family!

Wow! Sounds like a great week! EFY and the 4th of July are both pretty awesome! And getting another rental... wow, you guys are big spenders! Way to go! I'm jealous of Jared that he gets to be at BYU! Every time I go past the university in Kakinada it reminds me of my good ole' days at BYU. I guess I'll just need to wait a while, and then I can be schoolin' it up with my big bro! And happy birthday to Adam! I'm sure that will be bundles of fun! 

Guess what?! Yesterday was my first baptism! Hooray! I even got to be the one to perform the baptism, so that was extra cool. Haha I was so nervous, mostly because I couldn't figure out how to say his full name, even after he told me like 5 times... haha eventually I just went for it, even though his name was probably said way wrong. 

But ya, I'm super excited for him! His first name is Murli, and he is about 30 years old. He has a wife and one 2 year old girl. His wife listened in as we taught him the lessons, but she isn't quite as interested as he is... sigh... wel,, we'll teach her more in the future in see what happens! 

Murli is super great though! I'm amazed by the level of faith and trust that he has. Whenever we told him about a new commandment, like the Law of Chastity or Tithing, he would just say "Okay, I'll do it." Just like that! All he had to know was it is something God wants him to do, and then he agrees to do it. Such a great guy! 

Murli is also one of the city's water men. This will let you know a little bit more about the kind of living over here in India... so, pretty much a water man is like a milk man in the USA, except instead of delivering little bottles of milk, they deliver 20 liter jugs of water. That's because the tap water... ehhh.. not necessarily safe to drink. Haha but it's all good, getting more water is cheap, only like 2 cents per liter. 

This week we will start teaching Murli the new member lessons, so I'm pretty excited for that too! I can't wait to see the progress he will continue making! 

Here's a little about my companion. So, his name is Elder Watts, and he is from Australia. He is actually half Indian, but he looks totally white. haha. He is definitely a great companion/trainer to have, and he has already taught me SO much. It's also pretty nice how laid back we both are, because it keeps any situation from getting stressful. He has particularly taught me a lot about how to effectively plan. Before my mission, planning definitely wasn't one of my strong points (I thought daily and weekly planning were kind of waste of time...), but he has helped me learn how to effectively plan and prepare for the upcoming day and week. 

Also, he is a great pasta making man, so we make pasta for lunch quite a bit. Thanks to him, I now know how to make one mean sauce for pasta! 

Okay, and here is some more great news! Guess how many doors Elder Anderson has knocked in his first month out in the field? A big grand total of ZERO! I have done absolutely NO tracting since I have come to India! Why? Because the members are helping us so much! This week we have TEN referrals from members that we need to contact! How awesome is that?! They are also super willing to come on exchanges with us (which is VERY needed sometimes when we need a translator), and to help us identify less actives to go and visit. We literally have to MUCH to do! There are too many great things that we need to be working on. I hope all of you are helping the missionaries out, because I can only imagine how hard it would be to go knocking doors all day... :P

Things are going great, and the work is only picking up more and more. My belief that India will be the next Brazil for mission calls grows every day, because this mission really is the place to be!

Love you all!

-Elder Anderson 

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