Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Have My Visa!

Hola familia!
GUESS WHO HAS THEIR VISA APPROVED?!?! ELDER ANDESON!!! :D Hooray! On Moday morning, at 11:30, my flight leaves for other side of the world.... so crazy!! I can't wait to get over to India!!
Sounds like you guys have been having a pretty nice week in the Anderson home. Happy birthday to you Mom! :) And good job to you Dad, for giving out a Book of Mormon! That's super awesome! And just because God did a good job preparing that man to recieve a Book of Mormon doesn't make your efforts any less valid. As for you Noah and Abbey, eat a few otter pops for your big bro!
This past week, I really got to know my companion, sicne we were the only two people in our class for people waiting for their Visas (until Wendsay, when more people came to join our class as they wait for their visas for Austriallia! Bad for them.. but fun for us!) It's interesting how me and my companion are WAY diffferent, and yet, we both have the exact same purpose. To bring people closer to Christ. And because of that, we are able to really synch well together, despite how different we would be if we were in any other place besides our missions.
The people we teach here are actors, but they represent real people. People act as people that they taught during their missions, or friends that they have introduced to the Gospel at some point. They then do their best to give similar respinses to what those people said when misisonaries came and taught them, so it's a very real feeling epxereince for us here at the MTC.
This week, I had an amazing realization. I remember a couple of years ago Mom told us how she didn't think people really KNOW the Gospel is true when they bare their testimonies, they just strongly believe it is true. In my mind, this made a lot of sense. Really, do we actually KNOW this is true? I thhought to myself that if one night an angle came to me and said "Ezra, the Church of Jesus Christ really isn't God's church. It's a lie.", I would have said "Really... wow... I can't believe I thought that it was true this whole time..." But now, I know differently. NOW if an angel came to me in the middle of night and told me "Ezra, the church is a lie", I would say "NO! YOU'RE the one that's lying! Because I KNOW this is true."
I really love this Gospel, and I know that it is true. Every part of it.
I can't wait to start teaching the people of Inida, and I will talk to you all next week!
Elder Anderson

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