Saturday, February 14, 2015

CTR - choose the right

February 9, 2015

Today (and probably on a few more P-Days) me and my companion are going to Apostate Road to go shopping. Well, that's what elders have nicknamed the place, it's actually called Brigade Road, but there is quite a bit of apostasy there as well... We just want to check out what cool stuff there is to buy! Any souvenirs you guys want from India? I'll try to find some cool Indian stuff to bring all of you. 

My new area is SWEET! The reason for that is because there are sooooo many Muslims in our area! I absolutely love love love Muslims! Definitely the classiest people on the planet. And all that garbage they feed us in the American media that says Muslims are terrorists is about as true as the websites that say I'm supposed to have multiple moms because I'm Mormon... A bunch of rubbish. 

I was thinking last night though, that to an average American my area would actually be super sketchy... I walk down narrow, not so well maintained streets, with oodles of Muslims staring at me from every side, with Muslims flags hanging across all the houses... But as the scriptures say, "Perfect love casteth out all fear"! 

I don't know if I told you this already, but due to the political shenanigans that are happening in India, we are not allowed to do any street contacting or door knocking. Which in some ways takes a HUGE burden off of my shoulders (the commandment to open you mouth and share the Gospel with everyone would get pretty overwhelming at times...) But still at times I have to catch myself from inviting someone to learn about the gospel, because it has become so natural for me to do so. 

This week we went searching for an inactive, and after an hour or so of searching around for a seemingly un-existent address, some lady helped to show us where it was (down a secret alley way...) When we got to the house we met a super old grandma that spoke zero English...Is this the right house?? We were a little confused if she was the person we were looking for until she flashed us a CTR ring she was wearing. Whoa. Totally unexpected to see her wearing that! It's like a secret symbol that shows you are a part of the club...

This week we also had a great success with getting a less active family to come to church! The Lawrence family is super awesome, but never comes to church... Well, we visited them this last week, and instead of telling them "We know you are less active, just come to church already!" we simply acted as if they were a totally active family, and gave them a commitment to bring a different inactive to church that they are friends with. Well, to our great delight, it worked! The Lawrence family came to church this week, AND the friend we asked them to bring! Nothing like a responsibility to get people active again.

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