Saturday, January 31, 2015

Back to Convent Road!

So, on Thursday I am leaving Whitefield Road branch to go back to Convent Road Branch with a new trainee. I am so so excited to go back to Convent Road! There are two companionships for that branch, and last time I served in the south side. This time around I will be serving in the north side. There is another Elder named Elder Thompson that just finished his training in Convent Road south, and now is going to lead the area as a he gets a new companion in a couple of days, so I thought it would be pretty rude to try and force him to go work in the north side so that I could take the south side. So pretty much, this means I am working with people I've never really met before, even though I technically served in their branch last year. I kind of like it that way though, because it makes life more exciting! Also, if I served in the south I would probably end of visiting the Raman family every other day, and then they would get bored of me... haha. 

To help prepare me for the north side, I took Elder Gottipatti on exchange there. He served in the north side last year, so he showed me some homes that I could visit. I met a lot of great people, and it will really help me to get the area off to a good start.
Elder Gottipatti with some cute chicks!

It was so frustrating whitewashing with Elder Bandi, because here I had this brand new missionary that was full of excitement and anticipation for the work, and I had absolutely no where to take him... At least now me and my trainee have somewhere to go on day one. 

Convent Road has really been struggling the last few months... apparently a few bad elders went there, and now the branch hates missionaries. I love this branch though, so i'm pumped to kick this area back up to its former glory days. 

My Favorite Indian Food - Dosa!  

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