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November 10, 2014

Well, the biggest news of this week is that I got a new companion, Elder Stephen. Elder George was the first missionary (and potentially only missionary) that I have "killed". He went home this Wednesday. At the beginning of my mission, I got really scared over getting a new companion and how they would act and how my life would change, but now it's pretty routine. Life rolls on as usual. I do like Elder Stephen. He is a very very nice guy. He is from Chennai, and has been out for 15 months. One benefit of being an Assistant: I pretty much got to pick my new companion! :-) Also, he loves me a lot... haha like a lot a lot. Pretty similar to how Elder Bandi was. They both look to me as their role models. Hopefully, I can live up to their expectations! 

Here's something funny (well, I think it's funny anyways). So a couple of weeks ago I walked into our kitchen and heard some terrible scraping sounds. I quickly saw it was from one of my apartment mates cooking his top ramen. He was using a non-stick pot, but instead of using a plastic spoon or something, he was scratching up the bottom of the non-stick pot with a metal fork in an attempt to get his noodles out! haha I couldn't help but laugh out loud, thinking of how mad mom would get if she ever came into the kitchen seeing us do that... I briefly explained to him you need to use plastic, not metal, on these kind of pots. Well, I don't think I adequately explained this to him and the others, because yesterday I was looking at our pots, and they are all black non-stick types of pots, except for the very bottoms of them now... the bottoms are completely silver and metal. All of the anti-stick has been scratched off. haha I guess that's what you get when you have 6 boys cooking in a kitchen!

Also, something else I'm sure you would love mom, our apartment has RATS! Apparently there has been a little rat living in the apartment for a while. Well, one night one of the elders felt the rats crawling on him as he slept during the night... he quickly jumped up, slammed the door shut to trap the rats, and then smashed the two rats to death. Pretty fun, huh? We have also gotten a rat trap (a small cage). For the past week we have left the cage out each night, and awoken in the morning to find a new rat in the cage. Someone will then let the rat out onto the back porch, and smash it to death! I think we have killed 7 or 8 now. It's pretty tasty seeing rat poop on your kitchen counter in the morning... ;-) We didn't catch any rat this last night though, so maybe they are all gone now! Hopefully. We'll see. If not... the smashing will continue.

This week we had a zone training, and it was focused on becoming consecrated missionaries. To kick it off, we each went around and shared with the group one person we look to as a consecrated disciple of Christ. Whether that be a missionary, a friend, a family member, or a church leader. Some people spoke of their missionary trainer, other's spoke of brothers or bishops, but out of the 20 missionaries, 5 of gave the same answer. They said their example of a consecrated person was their mother. I was among those 5. Thanks for being a great example to me, mom!

Also, just in case you are as interested as I am in evolution, I found this article on reation?lang=eng&query=evolution. Pretty straight forward. The church does not seem to support the theory of evolution. At all. I now feel confident that I can easily show a church member that God doesn't believe in the theory of evolution, and I also think I could stand up pretty well to a scientist on the matter. Very intriguing!

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