Monday, May 5, 2014

Mango Season

Mango season has started here in India. They are.... AMAZING!!!! So delicious. I've been living on mango drinks for the past weeks. One day I drank more than 2 liters of Mango juice... it's THAT good. 

Yummy, Mango Drink!  

It's fun getting to see people that I have done baptismal interviews for. It's weird, but even though they only met me for like 10 or 15 minutes, they will ALWAYS recognize me in the midst of other elders! I guess those interviews really do have a big impact on people. It's nice that I get to have such a great relationship with people, and all I had to do was spend a few minutes with them! :)

This last week we had a tree fall in our neighborhood. Sticks and branches were scattered all up and down the street, and I thought "Oh man, this is NEVER going to get cleaned up!" Indian government would take a loooong time to do anything about that, and there are seemingly no service organizations to be found in this nation... but, lo and behold, the next day there were people hauling all the sticks and branches away! Nice, huh? I was pleasantly surprised, until I realized where those sticks were going. Those sticks were going to people who have no stoves or ovens, so they were taking the sticks so that they could make little camp fires to cook their food... Sad, that there is so much poverty. :(

Good story from this week! This week we went and met a less active man named Mike. A year ago he was the most active man in the branch, but now... he never even comes to church at all. Very sad. As we started to talk to him, I learned that he had a great love for Captain Moroni. But, then when we actually got into teaching him we (sadly) got into a robotic "teach a less active" kind of missionary mode (i.e. whipping out a scripture on the sacrament, and how important it is for you to come and take it each week). It wasn't going all that well. But, then I felt impressed to share Alma 48 with him; the chapter that speaks of Moroni's manliness. That chapter was JUST what he needed! He even told us, "I'm feeling the Spirit right now", and we built on that how he can feel that way ALL the time if he keeps reading his scriptures, and comes back to church. He seemed as though he is really intent on changing. Hopefully his fire will return soon. :)

Captain Moroni

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