Monday, February 10, 2014

New duties, new companions

Well, this week has definitely been a bundle of fun! In my first week as a Zone Leader, I got to attend the monthly Missionary Leadership Council, and then we had our monthly zone training on Friday. Both very exciting! I've already begun to develop a new perspective on missionary work, being in a position that helps to look at the bigger picture on where our mission is going, and how we can get it there faster. I really enjoy the extra work that comes with being a leader, because as a missionary you are always yearning to have more work to do! 

Speaking of work, in our area.... haha I'm not sure whether I should say there ISN'T much work to do, or there is a TON of work to do. Currently our area has... one real investigator. Haha there a couple more kind of investigator-ish people, but our teaching pool is pretty bare as of now. Interestingly though, even though this is the first "dead" area I've been in on my mission, me and my companions have been working harder than I've ever worked before! I love being with elders that are tons of fun to be around, but also obedient and hard workers. I dare say that this might be my favorite time thus far on my mission. 

Right now we have a zone leader trio. Me, Elder Peck, and Elder O'Dell. All awesome guys. Every day is a party with these elders! Elder Peck is from some small town in Idaho, and Elder O'Dell is from Utah. Elder Peck was the Idaho state basketball champion, and Elder O'Dell is the co-inventor of the Color Run! It's really cool getting to serve with people that I really would be friends if we met outside of the mission. Because ya, you become friends with all of your companions, but it's neat getting to be with people that you just naturally would want to be friends with. 
Elders Peck and O'Dell - p-day in the mission office
Oh, and I got your guy's package today! I, and my companions, thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

And even more exciting news! Guess what I had for the first time in India?? A real live BEEF burger. Ahhh. So good. 

Indiranagar Branch building
So, this new area I'm serving in, Indiranagar, is the EXACT same area I was in on my first day as a missionary in India. 8 months ago I served my first day in Indiranagar with Elder Ram, who was one of our Assistants. I can't even tell you how much my perspective on the exact same area has changed from then to now.

Day 1: Wow... this place is so much different than America!!
Now: Wow... this place is almost EXACTLY like America!

Day 1: I can't understand anyone here! And they sure can't understand me... does anyone speak English in this country??
Now: I can't believe how well people speak English here!!

Day 1: This city is so dirty and gross...
Now: I can't believe how clean this city is! 

Day 1: This heat is unbearable...
Now: Awesome! I'm barely sweating! 

Day 1: This food is so spicy... how am I going to survive?!
Now: This food is wonderful! Not to spicy, but enough flavor to keep it good. 

And the list goes on and on. It really is how fast a mission changes you. 

Hopefully being changed in a good way! :)

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