Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm Safe and Alive!

Hola familia!

Good news! We are 100% safe here in Kakinada! The cyclone didn't hit our city at all, and 
we were not evacuated. And even BETTER news, they stopped having the electricity strike 
so that there could be power to help those that were hurt from the cyclone, which means 
we have zero damage and full power! woo woo! Guess all those prayers you guys gave back 
home worked! :)

Mom, you talking about that scripture mastery verse reminded me of something I have been 
meaning to say. Knowing your scripture mastery is PRICELESS while you are on your 
mission! I can't tell you how many times we've had an appointment randomly pop up (so we 
hadn't prepared anything), and all we have is a few minutes, and I just whip out a good 
ole' scripture mastery verse to use for a spiritual thought. Or there has been many times 
where investigators will have questions, and I'll say "You know what, that question 
you have reminds me of a verse from the Book of Mormon..." Those scripture mastery 
verses were definitely not selected randomly! 

And more great news for this week! We finally got Ramu baptized! :D He's that guy I told 
you about that serves a ton in the church, but has trouble learning. Haha if I remember 
correctly, I think we taught him the Restoration 9 times... :) But now he knows Joseph 
Smith is a prophet! He knows that, and Joseph Smith talked to Heavenly Father and Jesus 
Christ, and that he gave us the Book of Mormon. 

Buuuut... that's about all he really knows from the Restoration. But really, that's all 
that really matters, right? :) 

It was so cute seeing him on the day of his baptismal interview. Since he is very poor, 
he doesn't have nice clothing to wear, but on the day he was interviewed he put on a nice 
clean shirt (potentially the only clean church he has), a pair of clean jeans (jeans are 
very classy to wear here in India, because they are fairly expensive), and he got his 
hair all slicked back (I think this is the only time I've seen him do his hair!)

And after he passed his interview he gave the missionary that interviewed him a big hug! 
:) All week whenever we would bring up him getting baptized on Sunday he would squeal 
with delight, like a little girl. haha, so precious. 

After 4 years of coming to church, Ramu was finally baptized! A very grand day indeed! 

Oh, and this weekend we watched General Conference! I LOVED it!! It's amazing how fast 
those 10 hours of talks fly by! And I don't know if you noticed, but Randy D. Funk gave a 
talk in priesthood session, and he is my mission's old mission president that was just 
released a few months back. He even talked about Rajahmundry, which is a city I've got to 
be in quite a few times! That was pretty awesome. :) 

Life just gets better and better here! Being on a mission truly gives you a lasting 
feeling of happiness and peace. 

Have a splendid week!

Elder Anderson 

P.S. Sounds like you are making a pretty sweet vid, little sister! You should have Noah 
put it up on his Youtube channel, so then you can begin your journey towards fame on 
Youtube. ;) And good work talking to your friends about the Gospel! What a great little 
missionary you are. :) Oh, and it looks like you are getting some nice strong legs, from 
what I see in your soccer picture! Very nice. :)

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  1. So glad they were all safe! Sounds like Elder Anderson is doing great!
    from, Tammy Anderson