Monday, August 19, 2013

Birthday celebration with mocktails?

Hey family! 

Sounds like you all are having oodles of summer fun! That's so cool that Abbey got to hear from Elaine Dalton! And I especially enjoyed those pictures Noah took of himself in the bathroom... haha classic! You said Kevin gave his farewell talk, but I don't even know where that boy is going! Could you fill me in on his (and any of my other friends) mission calls??

Well, it's definitely been a fun filled week here in Kakinada! This week we had President Barrett come to our zone! woo woo! He gave us some zone training one day, and really emphasized that we need to start using the Book of Mormon more effectively and aggressively in our teaching. He said if start to use the Book of Mormon the way God intends for us to use it, convert baptisms will DOUBLE in our mission! wowzers, now THAT is a pretty spiffy promise! 

Also, I got to attend my first District Conference this week (which is the equivalent to a stake conference for us people without a stake yet, haha) Our branch in Kakinada rented 3 buses, and all of traveled together to get to Rajahumundry where the conference was held. And in Rajahumundry, they rented out a big conference room in the Shelton hotel for us to use! SO fancy! It was great getting to see so many members together (about 500 came), and we got to hear President and Sister Barrett speak there. They gave good talks, but I felt bad that probably 50%-80% of the audience didn't understand them fully (or at all, haha). Simply because they gave a talk like how they would in America, so people had trouble understanding their vocabulary. Ahhh well, it's alright. Hopefully everyone still felt the Spirit! :) 

It was cool to see everyone after the conference was over though! They all wanted to shake hands with President Barrett and get pictures with him! The mission president is a SUPER STAR here in India! Unlike back home, where I couldn't even tell you the name of our mission president... hehe... 

As for my birthday, that was GREAT! For my birthday, I went and treated me and my companion to "The Game". The Game is a game we sometimes like to play where each one of us will order for the other person for lunch (within a set price range). So we went and played The Game, and I said I would pay for both of us, and there would be no price range (because, the most expensive stuff on the menu costs like $2). And for me, my companion ordered for SIX DOLLARS worth of ice cream items off of the menu! Milkshake, mocktail, banana split, and another big bowl of ice cream! I literally couldn't even eat it all, and felt like I was going to throw up afterwards from eating so much ice cream! So, ya, you could say it was pretty great! :)

You know, I was just thinking this week that I don't think I gave you a good enough description of Ramu (that investigator that has trouble learning). Because yes, he does have trouble learning, and he is an investigator, but he is the most active guy I've ever seen in the church!

He comes to church every week, without fail.
He comes to every activity we have.
He calls all the seminary students in the morning to make sure they are going to seminary, and then he will give them a ride on his bicycle if they have no way of getting to the church. The, he even goes and listens to seminary! (He's like 22, so he really doesn't need to be there)
He calls us every night to make sure we are safe and in our apartment.
He comes on exchange with us more than most members do.
He makes sure there is someone cleaning the church each week the night before Sacrament meeting, and if not enough people are helping to clean, he will go and help. 

This guy is AMAZING! The members in our branch joke that if you could vote to have someone be Branch President, they would vote for Ramu to be president. haha. 

Well, life is running smoothly here, and the days are flying by! Can't believe I've been out 3 months already! 

Have an awesome possum week! 

Elder Anderson

P.S. EXCITING news! I saw my first non-missionary white person in India this week!! Crazy! 

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